Forgiveness is the Key to Happiness

Forgiveness is not so much for the benefit of the person to whom it is given. It is more for the benefit of the person who is giving it. It really is so true that forgiveness is the key to happiness!

Do not ever withhold Forgiveness thinking you are going to punish the one who hurt you because you will be the one who is “punished”. Unforgiveness is like an emotional poison. It will cause a root of bitterness to spring up in your soul and people around you will sense it and back away from your presence!

I have watched people refuse to forgive thinking that they are punishing the person who wronged them. I’ve watched as the one they refuse to forgive goes on and enjoys life while the other person grows more bitter every day as they hold on to unforgiveness like it’s a badge of honor. After a few years go by, you can actually start to see bitterness on their face and when you talk to them, they still talk about what that person did to them as if it were yesterday. Unforgiveness ruins their life while the person they would not forgive has long moved on and doesn’t even remember it.

Unforgiveness makes as much sense as drinking rat poison and then waiting for the rat to die!

Forgiveness is a Choice

One of the biggest misconceptions about forgiveness is that you have to stop hurting before you can forgive that person. That is a lie created by the devil to keep us in bondage.

If you want to forgive someone, remind yourself that no one is perfect and everyone makes mistakes and then, choose to forgive that person and the healing will follow. If forgiveness wasn’t a choice, Jesus wouldn’t have told us to do it.

Once the decision to forgive is made, seal it with an action. Call them, text them or write a letter but do something to bring closure.

It’s very common for the person that is the object of the unforgiveness to be dead. If that’s the case, still write the letter and then you can burn it or put it in a bottle and throw in the ocean. Just make sure you do something!

Unforgiveness is a Disease

Unforgiveness is actually classified in medical books as a disease. It affects the body in such a negative way. I read that over 60% of cancer patients admit to having a problem with unforgiveness and I think it’s really higher than that.

Emotional Cleanse

It’s become so popular to do body cleanses and detoxes these days. Well, doing an emotional cleanse is just as important… make forgiveness a habit!

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Yours In Christ,

Shiloh Mandi Griffin, M.Ed.

Founder of

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6 comments on “Forgiveness is the Key to Happiness

  1. Schalk Zeeman

    Shiloh, it was indeed a very refreshing and liberating post to read. It is so true that unforgiveness only holds us in bondage and make life miserable for ourselves. It is therefore not only liberating to be forgiven but also to forgive. Thanks so much for sharing this beautiful message of forgiveness.

    Kind regards

  2. Kelli

    It is amazing how liberating forgiveness can be. Even if you can’t forgive the action, you can certainly forgive the weakness. If you can do that, the rest will eventually follow.

  3. Jennifer

    This is so true. I held on to my anger and resentment towards my ex husband for a long time. It wasn’t until after I finally started dating again that the man I was seeing told me I should call my ex and forgive him. It took a little while because I felt that somehow it showed weakness. But as you said, the only person it was hurting was me..So I called, told him I forgave him and that was that. I still have to remind myself of this key “choice” that we have. It is difficult at times, but so freeing. Thank you Shiloh.

    1. Shiloh Griffin Post author

      Thank you for sharing that Jennifer! I have heard of so many situations of unforgiveness towards ex spouses. And so many people feel the same way you did, that forgiving that person shows weakness but the truth is to forgive someone that hurt you so deeply takes strength and character!

      I’m so glad that you were strong enough to get that freedom!

      Be Blessed,


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