Jesus – The Darling of Heaven

It’s easy to understand why people in Australia call Jesus, the Darling of Heaven. Sometimes I feel like I don’t have adequate words to describe Him or the way I feel towards Him. I just love Him, and I know that the intense love I feel for Him comes from Him loving me first.

I am so less than He is, yet He loved me so much that He allowed them to put Him on a cross, and nail Him to it with heavy iron nails. He allowed this! He could have stopped it!

But, the truth is nails did not hold Him on the cross; His love for me and you held Him there. He could have given up His Spirit when He was getting beaten, but He knew He had to finish it so that you and I would not have to pay the price.

The details of that day so long ago, touch my heart. While in pain that is hard for me to think about, His mind was on the people around Him. He comforted the thief that asked Him to remember him. He looked down and told John, His beloved disciple, to take care of His mother. He actually told him to consider who to now be his, John’s, mother.

Think about when they came for Jesus in the garden. He took the time to heal the man’s ear that Peter cut off. That is so awesome. It’s not just that He did that so the man wouldn’t have to spend the rest of his life without an ear. He did it for Peter. He undid Peter’s mistake.

An Analogy of a Father and Son

I heard a story one time about a man who worked on a drawbridge. He would pull the lever to lift the bridge when a boat or ship needed to come through and release it to lower the bridge so the train could come through.

He had a son that would come to work with him. One day, the train was coming and as he was about to lower the bridge, he looked and saw that his son was playing underneath the bridge. If he lowered it for the train, it would crush and kill his son, but if he didn’t lower it, everyone on the train would die.

Faced with this horrible decision, he decided to sacrifice his son to save all those people. I’m sure you get the moral of the story. The father sacrificed his son just like our Heavenly Father sacrificed His Son.

It is a beautiful analogy but one thing about it doesn’t represent the complete truth. God did not sacrifice His Son because He weighed One life against many lives. And Jesus did not allow them to put Him on that cross because so many people would benefit.

Do you see, if you were the only one that needed that sacrifice, if your were the only one who was going to benefit from it, He would have hung on that cross just the same! He did it for each one of us individually.

He Created Us as the Object of His Love

If you’ve studied the old testament, you may have read about how Lucifer was made to worship and praise God. He had instruments built into his body. Wow! Could that be Quantum Praise and Worship? It’s hard to wrap my brain around that.

So, anyway, after Lucifer fell, we were created partly to replace him in worshiping and praising God. But God did a new thing with us. He breathed His very Self into us and made us in His image.

He created us to worship Him and as objects for Him to bestow love and grace upon. He gave us free will knowing we would fall short. But He wanted us to choose Him back, not be forced to love Him. So He gave us free will anyway, and devised a plan to bring us back after we fell short of His grace.

That plan was that He Himself would come to earth through the womb of a woman, experience humanity in every way. Then, He would take every bit of the punishment that we deserve so that even though we would inevitably fall short, we would be made righteous and worthy through Him.

He really is altogether lovely. Awesome is the word I use because I don’t know a better one, but awesome doesn’t adequately describe Him. He is so much more.

He is the Prince of Peace, the Beloved Son of God, my Savior, my Redeemer, my Every Heartbeat, my Friend. I love Him more than I know how to say.

And I know He loves Me because He took three iron nails driven through His flesh for me. He took three iron nails for you too.

A Vision of Angels

I had a vision years ago during church. We were having praise and worship and the Presence of God was so thick. I saw the sanctuary in the spirit realm and among all the people were thousands of angels drawn there by that Holy Presence.

I looked up at the choir section and saw all the angels up there. All of a sudden, they started looking at something behind me. They were moving around trying to get a better look and whatever they were looking at seem to mesmerize them. I looked back to see what they were so interested in, and there He was, the Darling of Heaven.

He was beautiful. He glowed in a holy way. That’s the best way I know how to say it.

He was interested in us though. He was walking up to people with love in His eyes. I was so captivated by Him that it didn’t hit me until later what the reaction of those angels really meant.

Those angels have known Jesus for thousands and thousands of years, but they are still in awe of Him. He walked in the room and they just wanted to look at Him. They love Him and I thought about how in Revelation 4, the four living creatures praise Him day and night saying:

“Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God Almighty, Who was and Who is and Who is to come.”

And while the four living creatures are giving honor and thanks to the One on the throne, the twenty-four elders fall down before Him and start worshiping Him and they say:

“Worthy are You, our Lord and Our God, to receive glory and honor and power; for You created all things, and by Your will they existed, and were created.”

There are different interpretations for what the the four living creatures and twenty-four elders represent, but the part that gets my attention is the praise of our Lord.

He has been praised since before the beginning of time and He will be praised forever. He is so worthy to be praised!

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