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    Dear Shiloh,
    I have a really close friend, I’ll call her Susan. We’ve been friends since 6th grade and went all the way through high school together and now we are freshmen in college together. She has been dating this guy, I’ll call him Joe, for 3 years and she says she’s going to marry him. The three of us hang out a lot. Here is my problem:

    One night when we were all watching a movie at my house and Susan got a call from her mom, she had to go home. Joe told her he was going to finish watching the movie and then go home and he would text her later that night. As soon as Susan was out the door, Joe came over and sat next to me. He started flirting with me and surprisingly, I started getting those feelings in my stomach that you get. The next Saturday night, Joe showed up at my house late and said he had to talk to me. He told me he felt terrible for how he was feeling but he just couldn’t stop thinking about me and he was having feelings towards me. We ending up kissing and making out a little that night. I feel like a terrible friend. I love Susan but that was all over a month ago and Joe and I have not stopped seeing each other behind Susan’s back and we have gotten very close. I know it’s wrong and I know it will crush her because Joe got drunk and messed around with a girl when we were high school and it nearly killed Susan.

    I don’t know what to do because I’ve fallen in love with Joe. He says he loves Susan but he is in love with me. He said he doesn’t want to hurt her and he knows I don’t want to so he thinks we should not tell her right now. I know I’m being a bad friend but I’m having feelings for Joe that I’ve never felt before. I also don’t want to hurt or lose my friend Susan.

    What should I do? Do you think there’s anything I can say to Susan to make her understand? Her friendship is so important to me.
    Please Help,
    Deleted for Privacy

  2. Deleted for Privacy

    I’m a senior in High School and so is my best friend. We are both strong Christians and we go to the same church. We are in leadership in our youth group at church so we have to be good examples for our friends at church and at school. I just found out last week that my friend had sex with her boyfriend which is a sin. Then I found out she was pregnant and the worst part is she had an abortion. I’m adopted and I’ve always known that I was adopted and that my birth mother tried to abort me. My best friend knows about that too but she still went through with having an abortion.
    What should I do? She has ruined her witness. How will I look as a Christian leader of my youth group if I just act like what she did was okay?


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