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If you need prayer, please submit your request at the bottom of this page.  We will be praying for you!

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4 comments on “Prayer Request

  1. Javon

    Praise the lord. please touch and agree with me that in the mighty name of
    Jesus our savior heals Javon body complete of ALL SICKNESS & DISEASES and
    makes me Whole. im in need of Supernatural Miracle. My wife is also
    dealing with infirmity in her body. i have made my request known to God
    and petitioned him to do it. God who forgiveth all thine iniquities who
    healeth ALL thine DISEASES. Behold the lord is God of ALL flesh. Nothing is too hard for him. He sent his WORD and HEALED. Glory to God. where 2 or 3 touch & agree he will be in the
    midst. i know he is able. i take all limits off of God. For with God
    NOTHING shall be IMPOSSIBLE. I know all things work together for good.
    thank you. i love you. im praying for you that Our father will bless u and
    your family and your ministry. In Jesus mighty name. Amen! Im also believing God
    to release a financial blessing that i can be a blessing to kingdom


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