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When I was a child, I knew God was powerful! No one had to tell me, I just knew it but what I didn’t know and what someone did need to explain to me was since God is so powerful and can do anything, why do we need to pray?

Purpose of Prayer

I respected God and I knew He was a God of love so it was not a lack of respect that made me wonder why we needed to pray. In my mind, God was all powerful and He knew better than any of us what was best for every situation so why not let Him take care of it?

When I was 33, I got the answer… I heard someone explain Prophetic Prayer! God gave Adam and his descendants authority over this earth and although Adam lost that authority, Jesus came down here and got it back for us. That authority gives our words a lot of power. Proverbs 18:21 says “Death and life are in the power of the tongue…”

So prophetic prayer is speaking God’s will into the atmosphere because God gave our words the power to do that.

Now, of course God is powerful enough that could override all that and cause His will to be done anyway but God respects His own laws and principles… He will not break His own statutes. God will not do something on this earth until one of His children prays it!

That is why God needs His people to pray!

The Gift of Prayer

Ever since I learned about prophetic prayer, I have had a passion to pray. I see it as an honor that God would give us this most important job.

It reminds me Genesis 2:19-20, when God gave Adam the privilege of naming all the animals. God could have named them but He wanted to include Adam. He wanted him to have a part in it. That was the beginning of man having authority in the earth.

A Personal Example

When I was in my 20’s, I had a cat named Jasper. I really loved Jasper. I loved him so much that I would say, “When Jasper dies, you all may as well bury me with him because I won’t make it when he goes.” I still had Jasper at 33 when I learned the power of my words but I didn’t think anything about what I had previously spoken until that time finally came.

It was a few years later that it happened.  Jasper was 15 years old and I knew his time was near so I was holding him and he died peacefully in my arms.  I was heartbroken. That was on a Wednesday night and we buried him on Thursday.

Friday morning I woke up with a sore throat and felt worse as the day went on. I felt so bad by that night that I called my best friend and asked her if she would come over and stay with me. Saturday night, my friend was so worried because I was incoherent and not making sense that she took me to the emergency room. I was admitted to the intensive care unit with double pneumonia.

The doctor told my friend that if she had waited until the next day to bring me to the hospital, I would not have survived. All those times I would say how I couldn’t survive without Jasper, I was speaking death over myself. It was only God’s grace and my friends’ prayers that kept me alive.

In a very real way, God allowed me to see the power of my own words.  I made a decision then to use that power to always pray and bless God’s people!

A Call to Prayer

God loves us so much that He wants to include us in His plan so He gave us authority over the earth to speak His will into existence.

Therefore,… Prayer Warriors Unite! Our prophetic prayer is God’s voice in this world and it’s time to “utter His voice before His army” as is written in Joel 2:11.

Please feel free to leave any questions or comments you have at the bottom of this page.  Thank you!

Yours In Christ,

Shiloh Griffin

Founder of

Israel Institute of Biblical Studies

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10 comments on “Prophetic Prayer

  1. Tamika G

    Thanks for sharing your story. I heard a really powerful message preached on the chapter you mentioned in Genesis where God let Adam name the animals. That’s my go-to reference when I need a reminder of the power God has given us in the words that we speak. Seems like a simple concept but as God reveals more, it’s truly life-altering as it should be due to the power that He’s given us.

    1. Shiloh Griffin Post author

      Hey Tamika,

      That’s a great example of the power of our words when Adam named the animals! I had never thought of it that way but you’re right. Whatever he called them, that’s what they were!


  2. Marius

    Truly inspiring story in touch my heart! Loved how open and honest you are with your readers! Keep up the good work! Bless you!

  3. Vesna

    Thank you for the inspirational article and your real story, Shiloh. While reading the article, I was feeling comfortable and managed to leave all my problems behind, relax and enjoy the read. It was like traveling to some distant, beautiful places… That’s why I would say that words generally have power. Of course, these simple everyday words cannot be compared and don’t have the same value and power as prophetic prayers.

    Thanks again,

  4. Jen

    Hi Shiloh,
    I grew up in a methodist church and we learned a lot about the bible. I think I started to understand more during my confirmation and learning the books of the bible. Your post is very inspiring and we all need a prayer now and then. My favorite passage is Psalm 23 which I think a lot of people live by. Continue to praise and thanks for your insight.

    1. Shiloh Griffin

      Thank you Jen! I love Psalm 23 and you’re right that a lot of people do like that one. If you dig deep into the meaning behind the Hebrew words and the customs of that time, you can see that the 23rd Psalm means so much more than you think at first. I think I’m going to write a post on that soon. Thanks for the encouragement!

  5. mai

    You have a beautiful and amazing life testimony. Truly, the Lord does not forsake nor leave those who believe in Him. Thank you for sharing this. God bless you more.


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