Thank You for the Cross Lord


Years ago I was talking to God one day concerning some guilt I was feeling about impure motives I had. I knew they were wrong and I told Him how sorry I was. I didn’t want to feel the way I felt…

All of the sudden, I actually heard Jesus speak to me deep in my heart. He said, “When I walked the earth, I did not have that problem. I didn’t struggle with impure motives,” and I told Him that I knew it was wrong and I knew I needed to be more like Him… He interrupted me and said, “No, you don’t understand what I’m saying. I didn’t have impure motives so you are not guilty of it. When I died for you, I paid the price for your righteousness. I stood in the gap for you so whatever I did not do, you are not guilty of!”

I just sat there in silence, reflecting on the awesomeness of what Jesus Himself had just told me and all I could say was “Thank You Jesus; thank You for the cross.”

The Gift of Grace

What a beautiful thing Jesus did for us on that cross! I don’t know that we fully comprehend it. He stood in the gap for us. When guilt and judgment come our way, He stands in front of us and says, “No.” Jesus says to us, “Look at Me and behold your righteousness!” We get to walk in His righteousness as if we obtained it ourselves.

After giving us such an incredible and amazing gift, all Jesus asks back is that we accept it. He just wants us to receive our salvation. I don’t know about you but I think we get the good end of the deal.

The Gift of Reconciliation

After Adam and Eve tasted that apple, God could no longer get too close to us, not because He was angry but because His holiness would have killed us. Before Jesus came, when one of the priest would go into the Holy of Holies, they would tie a rope around his ankle in case he had any unresolved sin and God’s presence killed him. They would use the rope to pull him out.

Before the Cross, we couldn’t even approach God for ourselves but another benefit of Jesus’ gift is reconciliation. We were reconciled to God. We can boldly enter His throne room. The best part is we can talk to Him just like we talk to a friend because among other things, He is our friend.

The Gift of Healing

“… And by His stripes we are healed” (Isaiah 53:5). When I was younger, I used to wonder, “Why does Jesus have stripes and how can they heal us?” Of course, when I got older I figured out that those stripes were the bloody lashes all over Jesus’ body from being flogged.

It wasn’t enough for Jesus to buy our salvation for us with His life. He purchased healing for us by taking painful stripes all over His body. If you ever feel like no one loves you, remember what Jesus did for you.

The Passionate Gift of Salvation

I don’t understand how anyone can turn down Jesus’ gift of salvation! He left His home in heaven and came to earth. Then without having any sin of His own, He took on our sin and allowed Himself to be crucified so that we could be saved. But before that, He permitted them to beat and whip Him until He had bloody stripes all over His body just so we could live our lives healed and whole! What an awesome God we serve!

There is a song that epitomizes exactly what I feel as I’m writing this post, and if you have time, you might want to click on the title and listen to it; it’s called Worthy is the Lamb by Hillsong.

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Yours In Christ,

Shiloh Griffin

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2 comments on “Thank You for the Cross Lord

  1. carol

    Can’t imagine what life would be like without the cross. I am so thankful that it reminds us of the power of our Lord and Savior. Certainly, the stripes he bore for us were not in vain, so I am thankful for the cross.


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