Praise Letter to God

My Awesome and Most Wonderful God

I think of You, LORD- of the perfect balance of Your nature. You are my Strong Protector in Your battle array with Your hosts of warrior angels standing behind You. Yet, You are my Gentle Shepherd carrying me in Your loving arms when I am too weak to walk.

Your very Essence is love and mercy but at the same time Your very Presence demands justice and truth. Your holiness is beautiful and Your purity and perfection create peace.
I long for more of Your presence, to get closer to You and go deeper in the knowledge of Who You are.

The earth speaks of Your majesty in so many ways- the beauty and tenderness of a rose petal, the strength and awesomeness of mountains rising out of the sea; the gentleness of a soft breeze on a spring day, the power and might of a wave crashing against the rocks.

You are a Gentle Leader but You also are a Mighty God. You carry Your babies and those who are broken in Your arms holding them close to Your heart while You gently lead Your children along the way. Yet, You held all the waters of the oceans in the hollow of Your hand, and You measure the sky with the spread of Your fingers.

Who can compare to You? Who can even begin to comprehend the greatness of Who You are?

I will praise You forever my God, for You alone are worthy to be praised!

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Yours In Christ,

Shiloh Mandi Griffin, M.Ed.

Founder of

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2 comments on “Praise Letter to God

  1. Doris Johnson

    This is marvelous!!!.. God should be in everything we do. I believe that if we are expecting success God needs to navigate that success. I am glad you have this website so that there is a present of happiness and positivity. Keep spreading the word and continue to blessed. I will be dropping by regularly to get a dose of happiness. See you soon.


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