The Left Handed Anointing

Left handed people have always been a minority as they were in the time of the Judges in the Bible. Now, there was a certain left handed judge named Ehud, who used this to his advantage.

Ehud went to visit Eglon, the King of Moab, an enemy of Israel. Ehud knew the guards would search his left side because right handed people would draw their weapons from their left side, and they would assume he was right-handed like most people. So since Ehud was left handed, he strapped his dagger to his right side and got his weapon past the guards and was able to kill the enemy king.

Left handed people were considered weak compared to right handed people. Ehud used that perceived weakness as an advantage and a strength which is where the Left Handed Anointing gets its name.

How God is Strategic

It is so amazing to see how God is strategic and how He uses the enemy against himself. He will allow the enemy to get a glimpse of someone’s gift at a very early age. The enemy will then begin to launch attacks at that quality that God let him see.

Overtime, that gift will appear to be more of a weakness because of the onslaught of attacks sent by the enemy. However, when God starts something, He finishes it, and when He gives a gift, He protects it. So the gift has not become a weakness because of the enemy’s attacks; it has become a hidden strength!

The Left Handed Anointing

At the right time in a person’s life, God will choose to pour His anointing onto that person to enhance his or her gifts. If it is a gift that has become a hidden strength from the enemy’s attacks, we call it a left handed anointing because it is a perceived weakness just like being left handed was a perceived weakness in Ehud’s time.

My Left Handed Anointing

It is always helpful to give an example when teaching a concept. So I am going to give the example of my left handed anointing.

People who know me would say that I’m outspoken and very direct which I am. It often seems like I’m judgmental and uncaring because of those qualities but in reality, nothing could be farther from the truth. My left handed anointing is love.

I am called to the Prophetic (I will be writing an article on the Five-Fold Ministry from Ephesians 4:11-14 soon, and I will discuss more about that) and so one of the things God has me do is deliver messages. Thankfully, New Testament Prophets are called mostly to lead people towards Jesus so the majority of the messages are ones people want to hear.

However, there are times when God has me tell someone a hard truth. I do NOT enjoy doing that because I do not enjoy hurting people’s feelings, but you have to know the truth in order to grow.

A few years ago, I went to God in tears and I told Him, “I don’t want this. It hurts too much to have to say these things and see the hurt on their faces and then most the time, they don’t even listen! I don’t want this responsibility anymore, God!”

And God said back, “That’s why you have it! Do you think I would want to give a gift like this to someone who would enjoy that part of it? Do you think I would want to show a person like that the things I show you about people? Can you imagine how someone like that would abuse such a gift? If it ever stops hurting to tell those hard truths, that’s when you need to worry!”

Then, God gave me a revelation of the power of the Left Handed Anointing. People don’t see or notice that deep love I have for them, but it’s that love that gets the hard truth into their heart. The love is the conduit that penetrates and delivers the message!

Do you know someone that has a Left Handed Anointing? Do you have a Left Handed Anointing? If so, please tell me about it below!

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Please feel free to leave any other comments or questions you have at the bottom of this page. Thank you!

Yours In Christ,

Shiloh Mandi Griffin, M.Ed.

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6 comments on “The Left Handed Anointing

  1. Nancy Dowd

    I can remember when I was told by girlfriends, be quiet what do you have say anyway. That I was boring. Anything to make me shut up and not have a voice. I had a voice as a small baby, saying loudly, baby Jesus in church.
    Over time I closed up and would not talk. But after I got saved, the very first word I got was, “The Lord is going to strengthen you you and your words will flow”. I avoided public speaking my whole life. So I knew for my words to flow, it would have to be God strengthening me.

    1. Shiloh Griffin Post author

      Hey Nancy,

      If the enemy has been trying to keep you quiet your whole life, it means he is very scared of what you have to say! Your left handed anointing is speaking God’s word! Start practicing speaking it out at home!

      Be Blessed,

  2. Tamika G

    Hi, this was a really interesting post. I’ve never heard of this anointing and I’m not very familiar with the story of Ehud so I have some reading to go do now. God’s timing is awesome though as in my devotions this morning, I was actually thinking about this concept in terms of my personality traits but I didn’t realise there was a name for it… So God used your post to help give me direction in my journey. Thank you!

  3. Ahearst

    This is something I never heard off b4. Its good to know that. But how do we find out or identify this anointing in us or someone we know ? What about the majority right hander? Are they anointed too ?

    1. Shiloh Griffin Post author

      Absolutely! You can have a left handed anointing regardless of if you’re right handed or left handed. It has more to do with if you have a certain quality that most people don’t see. I know a preacher who was a stutterer and terrified of public speaking for most of his life until he became a preacher. All of a sudden this gift that no one knew he had blossomed and he now is a well known speaker and preacher all over the world.


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